Monday, February 18, 2008

Last week I attended JBoss World 2008 at Orlando, the biggest JBoss event ever, with around 750 attendees not working for JBoss/Red Hat.

One of the most interesting things I noticed, is that there is huge market of J2EE developers that can really make a difference with JBoss solutions, by leveraging Mobicents projects into their web applications.

We made a demo of a converged web 2.0 application using JBoss Seam and Mobicents (and much more actually) for a furniture store, that would call site users and admins according to order details, for order auth, confirmation, etc and the reaction was a big big "wow". Attendees left the room with the idea something must be changing.

It's a new world for them, using more than a browser to interact with users, and it's a new world for us, who have been targeting primarily the telco market.

The only not so good thing was the size of the audience for this demo, but the presentation title was somehow misleading and it was at 10h am after JBoss World party! Anyway, we will evolve this demo and for sure present it in more J2EE big events along the year.

Photo of the Mobicents team members present at JBW, left to right: Alexandre Mendonça (R&D), Vladimir Ralev (R&D), Bartosz Baranowski (R&D), Luis Barreiro (QA), me (R&D), Amit Bhayani (R&D), Jean Deruelle (R&D)

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