Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Time to change your OS?

UNIX mixed with an easy to use UI, in a well controlled hardware environment, I must say I'm a Apple OSX fan since day 1 after change (well not quite, the Apple keyboard scheme was hard to digest)!

Now when Snow Leopard was announced with zero new features, I said to myself that an upgrade was not really a must, but since I'm fan of it how could I not do it?!?

And the upgrade was made, and with that came the "JDK6 only" world for Java, not surprising since JDK5 EOL is near. What really surprised me was the performance, simply amazing, see the screenshot below of a standalone JAIN SIP Reference Implementation application load test for a simple call setup, terminated at application side after 60s, running at 450 CPS in a 2 and half year old Macbook Pro laptop.

Wow! Is it time to change/upgrade your OS? :-)


  1. aayush bhatnagar6:33 PM

    hmm..nice post Ed.

    I am also thinking of buying a Mac..but i was scared due to this JAVA-6 only problem !

    But then how will you run MSPS on snow leopard ?

  2. Aayush, pretty simple, the first issue to solve once we resume its development, MSPS compliant with JDK6 ;-)

  3. aayush bhatnagar11:24 AM

    lol. Then i will get the mac the next day !

    iirc on the issue tracker, it was jboss AS issue..and poor msps was suffering due to it.